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        Y series of motor

        • Products Name:Y/Y2/Y3 series of single-phase asynchronous motor
        • No.:sn2016081840841
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        • Product Introduction

          Y series of motor is a kind of low-voltage three-phase asynchronous motor, belonging to the basic series of comprehensive functions. This series is new products designed in line with the requirements of both domestic and the international motor base 80-315 and unified national standards. 

          Y series are featured by high efficiency, energy saving, good operation, less vibration, less noise, long service life, high reliability and convenient maintenance. The installation sizes and power levels are totally in line with IEC standards. This series adopts level B insulation and cooling mode of appearance protection IP411. 

          The rated voltage and frequency of Y series are 380V and 50Hz respectively. The connection mode of Y series is: Y connection method for specifications of 3KW and below, and "△" connection method for specifications of 4KW and above. 

          Y motor is widely used in variousmechanical transmission devices without special requirements.

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