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        Welcome to Shanghai People Pump Factory Co.,Ltd.


        Network overlying water supply equipment series

        • Products Name:Regulate water-supply device with frequency conversion and non-negative pressure (intelligent network overlying water supply equipment)
        • No.:sn2016081598935
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        • Features and Benefits
          Directly connected with the tap water pipe network, without building a water tank, water tank (because it does not affect the original pressure of the municipal pipe network, does not affect other users around the water). Make full use of the original pressure of the water pipe network, no need to build a pool, no water tank, no installation of water treatment equipment, covers an area of small, etc.. There is no pool run, run, drip, drain and water seepage and other phenomena. Water supply safety, good quality; power outage can still be returned to the original pressure of the water as usual; fully automatic operation.

          It is applicable to pressurization technology at any regions with insufficient pressure of tap water. New residential areas or office buildings and other living water; the transformation of the original pressure water supply equipment; water supply plant in the middle of the large water supply center pressure pumping station; industrial and mining enterprises production and living water; a variety of circulating water system.

          Performance parameters
          Pressure range:0~2.5Mpa
          Control power:≤185kw
          Pressure regulating precision:≤0.01Mpa
          Ambient temperature:0~+40℃
          Ambient humidity:≤90%(electronic control part)
          Power Supply:380Vx(1±10%),50Hz±2Hz
          The steady flow compensator:0.5m3~100m3

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